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In this section of the Scramble website you can find lists with participants at airshows from all over the world. Currently, the site hosts approximately 3100 different logs of airshows in more than 50 different countries that took place between 1945 and today. If you have visited airshows in the past and still have some 'gaps' in your notebook, then you might have some success in completing your log by looking at the lists that are available on this site. If you have updates, or reports that cannot be found on the site yet, please send them to Michael Gan,

A short history:
The site has been on the internet since 1998, when Howard Curtis launched the idea of creating a web site at the Mil-Spotters-Forum (MSF), which would contain reports of air shows all over the world. The MSF is a mailing list and is being used very frequently to send updates, questions, tips & tricks and so on to the numerous aviation enthusiasts who are member of this list. However, due to the great response on his "Mil-Spotters Air Show site" and lack of time he had to maintain it, Howard found Michael Gan willing to take over the web site. In October 1999, Michael was forced to seek another provider to host his web site and found Scramble willing to co-oporate. Apart from the logs that are being submitted by visitors of the site, also showreports that have been published in Scramble magazine are now available on the website. The site has been growing ever since, and it is our intention to continue its growth in the future!

The Sections
The show reports are split in three areas
Showreports - Europe
Showreports - North America
Showreports - Rest of the World

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Photo: Alan Worsley