Aviation Disc
Version 6.0A

Aviation Disc
Welcome to this publication on Disc. Here you can find the Air Force Overviews, Showreports, Exercises, Deployments and Airfield Layouts we have published on the Internet.

Because of the amount of data we have put online so far we have decided to copy the information to a Disc to make life a lot easier for you. It would take you days (months maybe) to browse through all the information we have published so far and you will notice that it's so much easier if you have all the data at hand at your own computer.

On this Disc you can find the following:

Air Forces Overviews
The Orders of Battle overviews. More than 110 Complete Air Arms overviews with squadron information, airbase maps, squadron badges, pictures etc.

Military Databases
The aircraft of more than 110 Air Arms.

More than 3330 reports from various airshows around the world. Enormous amount of data with nice pictures.

More than 70 reports from various exercises around the world containing lots of data.

Over 25 reports from various deployments around the world containing lots of data.

Screen Savers
Great pictures on these free screens savers

Airports, Airfields and Airbases Directory
Directions for spotting places at more than 750 airports, airfields and airbases in over 65 countries.

Civil Overview
Overview of my pictures of civil airplanes from over 100 countries.

Pictures of both military and civil airplanes, taken nose on and/or tail on.

Pictures of individual aircraft in Military-Databases section and Civil section are large (1500 pixels wide) and can best be viewed at 1280x1024 resolution or higher.
All pictures in the Air Forces-Database section and Civil section are ©Copyright Rudolf Otto unless stated otherwise.

Photos: Frank Noort

Photo: Rudolf Otto

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