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Welcome to this on-line publication. Here you can find my pictures of Military and Civil aircrft.

Military Pictures
Overview of my pictures of over 4700 military airplanes from over 55 countries.

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Overview of my pictures of over 9900 civil airplanes from over 100 countries.

Pictures of both military and civil airplanes, taken nose on and/or tail on.

Virtual Radar Files (under construction; COULD GIVE ERRORS)
Outline and waypoint files that can be downloaded for use with virtual radar programs.

Pictures of individual aircraft in the Military section and Civil section are large (1500 pixels wide) and can best be viewed at 1280x1024 resolution or higher.
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Photo: Rudolf Otto

The Most Recent Added Pictures
 Date  Serial  Carrier  Manufacturer  Type  C/N  Comment
2022-08-17 9H-DOM Air X Charter Canadair CL-600-2B19 8059 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 9H-LON Lauda Europe Arirbus A320-214 3048 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 9H-VUI Ryanair Boeing 737-8MAX200 62302 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 CS-DLN Netjets Europe Dassault Falcon 2000EX 115 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 EC-KJQ Enaire Beech 300 Super King Air 350 FL-255 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 F-HBLO Air France Embraer ERJ-190STD 19000770 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 G-FABO Gama Canadair CL604 5487 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 HA-LTC Wizz Air Airbus A321-231SL 8295 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 HB-AYP easyJet Airbus A320-251N 10863 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 HB-AYQ easyJet Airbus A320-251N 10186 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 HB-VAJ ExecuJet Europe Embraer EMB-505 50500631 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 OE-IBK Evcon Jet Embraer EMB135BJ 14501110 Alicante A/p
2022-08-17 PH-TXA Bikkai Cessna 510 510-0111 Alicante A/p
2022-08-11 9H-QBW Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS/W 44719 Alicante A/p
2022-08-11 9H-SLE TUI Airbus A320-214 3475 Alicante A/p
2022-08-11 EI-SIT SAS Airbus A320-251N 10937 Alicante A/p
2022-08-11 F-HFKD Enhance Aero Group Embraer EMB-135BJ 14500933 Alicante A/p
2022-08-11 G-ZAPX Titan Airways Boeing 757-256 29309 Alicante A/p
2022-08-11 LN-RGN SAS Airbus A320-251N 7341 Alicante A/p
2022-08-11 OE-LYY Eurowings Airbus A319-132 4256 Alicante A/p
2022-08-11 PH-JRC Jet Netherlands Embraer ERJ-135BJ 14501016 Alicante A/p
2022-08-11 SE-RXA Norwegian Boeing 737-84P/W 35757 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 9H-LOA Lauda Europe Airbus A320-214 3147 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 9H-SLD Smartlynx Malta Airbus A320-214 3396 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 EI-HGG Ryanair Boeing 737-8MAX200 62316 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 EI-HGL Ryanair Boeing 737-8MAX200 65081 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 G-POWW Titan Airways Airbus A321-211 2060 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 I-AFOI Italfly Harker Beechcraft 390 RB-245 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 9H-LOI Lauda Europe Airbus A320-214 2994 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 9H-QBA Ryanair Boeing 737-800 44802 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 D-AGWE Eurowings Airbus A319-132 3128 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 G-TUKP TUI Boeing 737-8K5/W 37250 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 G-ZENJ Zenith Aviation Learjet 75 75-110 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 LX-PCE Jetfly Aviation Pilatus PC-24 200 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 N939CC DCI Consultants Canadair CL601-3A 5124 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 OE-LKC easyJet Airbus A319-111 4056 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 OK-HAR Aeropartner Cessna 560XL 560-5230 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 OK-PFY Time Air Raytheon 400A RK-368 Alicante A/p
2022-08-06 SP-RZK Ryanair Boeing 737-8MAX200 62304 Alicante A/p
2022-08-02 9H-AMI easyJet Airbus A320-232 3409 Alicante A/p
2022-08-02 9H-JCE ? Honda HA-420 42000056 Alicante A/p
2022-08-02 9H-LOW Lauda Europe Airbus A320-232 2252 Alicante A/p
2022-08-02 CS-PHR Netjets Embraer EMB-505 50500615 Alicante A/p
2022-08-02 D-CITA FAI Rent a Jet Learjet 60 60-69 Alicante A/p
2022-08-02 D-CUGF ? Cessna 525B 525B-0579 Alicante A/p
2022-08-02 EC-LVQ Iberia Express Airbus A320-216 5590 Alicante A/p
2022-08-02 EC-NCB Volotea Airbus A319-111 2043 Alicante A/p
2022-08-02 OE-LSI easyJet Airbus A320-251N 9105 Alicante A/p
2022-08-02 OO-SNN Brussels Airbus A320-214 4269 Alicante A/p; Eurowings c/s
2022-08-02 UP-HA001 Jet Airlines Hawker Beechsraft Hawker 900XP HA-0197 Alicante A/p
2022-08-02 YL-LDK Smartlink Airbus A320-232 4372 Alicante A/p; easyJet sticker
2022-07-30 9H-QEJ Ryanair Boeing 737-800 44829 Alicante A/p
2022-07-30 D-AEWS Eurowings Airbus A320-214SL 7439 Alicante A/p
2022-07-30 F-HTVC Transavia France Boeing 737-8K2/W 62150 Alicante A/p
2022-07-30 HA-LXS Wizz Air Airbus A321-231SL 7702 Alicante A/p
2022-07-23 9H-AMU Eurowings Airbus A320-232 4174 Alicante A/p
2022-07-23 D-CMXM Air Hamburg Embraer EMB-505 50500561 Alicante A/p
2022-07-23 G-CMEI Eastern Air ATR 72-600 1231 Alicante A/p
2022-07-23 G-TUIN TUI Boeing 787-9 63293 Alicante A/p
2022-07-23 G-TUMP TUI Boeing 747-8MAX 44612 Alicante A/p
2022-07-23 HA-LVY Wizz Air Airbus A321-271NX 10370 Alicante A/p
2022-07-23 LN-NIK Norwegian Boeing 737-8FZ/W 29659 Alicante A/p
2022-07-23 YL-ABE Baltic Air Airbus A220-300 55131 Alicante A/p
2022-07-20 9H-LMH Lauda Europe Airbus A320-214 5015 Alicante A/p
2022-07-20 9H-QDX Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS/W 44773 Alicante A/p
2022-07-20 9H-VUZ Ryanair Boeing 737-8MAX200 62339 Alicante A/p
2022-07-20 D-AHER Heron Aviation Dassault Falcon 900EX 78 Alicante A/p
2022-07-20 D-IFRT Excellent Air Cessna 525A 525A0447 Alicante A/p
2022-07-20 EC-NBS Gestair Cessna 680A 680A-0172 Alicante A/p
2022-07-20 F-HEME Valljet Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 900XP HA-0034 Alicante A/p
2022-07-20 HB-JCM Swiss Bombardier BD-500-1A11 CS300 55030 Alicante A/p
2022-07-20 TC-JVR Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-8F2/W 60030 Alicante A/p

 Date  Serial  Code  Country / AF  Manufacturer  Type  C/N  Comment
2022-08-06 T-785   Swiss AF Dassault Falcon 900EX 195 Alicante A/p
2022-06-03 T.19B-21 09-501 Spanish Guardia Civil CASA CN235M VIGMA C-180 Alicante A/p
2022-05-07 DT.05-01 09-601 Spanish Guardia Civil Beechcraft 350i FL-755 Alicante A/p